Our features

A stand alone collaborative financial planning tool designed for you and your team to work collaboratively and give your clients great advice.

Advice document generator

Create advice documents with the click of a button. With all your advice documents in MOAS, track client goals and growth year on year.

  • Collaborative editing: Work with you whole team on the same document at the same time.

  • Controlled templates: Control what goes into your documents with templated advice.

  • Libraries: Create and link supporting information to your advice templates. When a template is created, so is a library.

  • End-to-end process: Get your practice online, track the client journey from first meeting to retirement.

  • Business wide reporting: Keep on top of your workload and keep your team on track with business wide advice metrics.

  • Stand alone tool: Everything you need to create great, compliant advice all in one place.

Complex scenario modelling

Model complex scenarios in minutes to demonstrate the value of your advice to your clients.

  • Scenario tracking: Take a snapshot of your client's position and create as many scenarios as you want.

  • Comparison view: Easily compare different scenarios and outcomes to find the best path.

  • Lightning fast: Put together complex comparisons in under 2 minutes. Seriously, we're not kidding.

  • Model suite: Insurance, retirement or long term progress, our list of models will cater to all your clients' needs.


Manage your clients' data all in one place.

  • Data mangement: Manage your clients' contact, employment, family and address details.

  • Teams: Create your own teams and assign any number to your client groups. Know who is working on which client group at any time.

  • Tags: Segement your client groups by adding customisable tags. #FIRE

  • Financial data: Store and track your client's financial position over time.

  • Advanced search: Produce lists to easily find the client groups you are looking for.

  • Notes: Keep your team up to date with what's been happening with your clients.


Manage your client work from start to finish. From client requests to advice production, always stay on top of your workload.

  • Tasks: Keep on top of your everyday client work.

  • Projects: Track your ongoing and upcoming work to hit reach your goals.

  • Opportunities: Identify and track potential advice opportunities from your existing client base and leads.

  • Business-wide reporting: Holistic views of your organisation, where the pain points are, and what you have upcoming for the rest of the year and beyond.

  • Templating: Set up templates for tasks, projects and opportunities you do all the time. Easily update these on the fly.

  • Tags & Teams: Use customisable tags to segment your work. Add any number of teams to tasks, projects, and opportunities to manage the workload.

Advice fee calculator

Easily determine what resources were used to produce advice and how much they cost.

  • Calculate advice fees: Whether you're billing clients or entities - easily calculate how much your time is worth.

  • Include in your advice: Seamlessly include advice agreements in your documents.

  • Templated: Set up services to be automatically included in your advice agreements.

  • Business-wide reporting: Easily see where your revenue is coming from.

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